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Active holidays in the Pitztal Valley

The sport and activity programme at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Your hosts at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, the Walser family, love sports. That is why we have come up with a sport and activity programme that gives guests staying at the hotel the chance to enjoy the beautiful Pitztal Valley while doing a range of outdoor activities. The combination of stunning scenery and fresh mountain air makes for an unforgettable experience.

Fit on Holiday

Sport & activity programme

Aquafit, meditation and stretching are just a few of the activities available as part of the sport and activity programme at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. Exercising together with other hotel guests and our friendly trainers Ekaterina and Melanie is a great way to stay fit on holiday, make new friends and recharge your batteries in stunning alpine surroundings.

An exercise session in the great outdoors during your holiday will leave you relaxed, invigorated and ready for more!

Enjoy fun sports and activities with our friendly trainers Ekaterina & Melanie!
Current Weekly Programme

07:30: Aqua Fitness 30 min.

08:15: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 30 min.

09:15: Easy hike with Patrick to the Tiefentalalm and Arzleralm huts

From 15:00: Trail Shop is open

17:15: Bodega Moves Level 1+2 45 min.

18:15: Indoor Cycling - Level 1 (max. 5 people) 45 min.


07:30: Early morning sport 30 min.

08:15: Sh'bam Dance Aereobic 30 min.

09:45: Trailrunning for beginners: A chance to try out the great sport of trailrunning. This workshop lasts around 2 hours and provides participants with information about technique, equipment, etc. Meeting point is at the Trail Shop, where runners can also try a range of trailrunning shoes free of charge.

From 09:30: Trail Shop is open

16:00: HIIT 45 min. 

17:00: Body Combat 30 min. (max. 7 people)

18:00: Journey through the Human Body 30 min.


07:30: Aqua Fitness 30 min. 

08:15: Legs, Bums & Tums 30 min. 

From 09:30: Trail Shop is open

09:00: Hike with Patrick Level 2
Braunschweiger Hütte hut (alternative route if the weather is bad)

16:00: lndoor Cycling "Disco 90th " Level 1 +2 (max. 5 people) 50 min. 

17:00: Circuit Training 45 min. 

18:00: Stretching 30 min. 

07:30: Good Morning Workout 30 min. 

08:15: Nordic Walking 60 min. 

09:00: Trail Tour with Patrick Level 2+3 . Following the Pitz Alpin Glacier Trail

10:00: Guided hike on the Pitztal Glacier: Please register at reception by 15:00 the day before. The hike costs €5 per person (not including use of the Pitz Express cable car)

16:00: Functional Outdoor Training 45 min. (indoors if the weather is bad) 

17:00: Journey through the Human Body 30 min. 

18:00: Sh'bam 30 min. 

07:30: Aqua Fitness 

08:15: lndoor Cycling Level 1 30 min. 

9:00: Hiking with Patrick Level 2 - Rüsselsheimer Hütte (alternative route if the weather is bad)

From 15:00: Trail Shop is open

17:15: Legs, Bums & Tums 30 min. 

18:00: Body Combat 45 min. (max. 7 people)

07:30: Early morning sport 30 min.

From 18:30: Aperitif with the Walser family, followed by drinks with hiking guide Patrick in the Walserstube room

"Life is movement." (Aristotle)
Les Mills®

Body Combat & SH'BAM

Les Mills Body Combat is a combination of several martial arts without any physical contact. This minimises the risk of injury while still allowing participants to kick and punch themselves fit during a range of workouts designed to increase strength and endurance

Les Mills SH'BAM is a fun dance workout which is pretty addictive once you get started. The main goal is to have fun and move your body, making it ideal even for those with little or no experience of dancing.

Exclusive! The Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is the first hotel to offer Les Mills Body Combat and Les Mills SH'BAM in-house: 2x per week. 

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Active holidays in the Pitztal Valley
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