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Soothing sessions at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Holidays are a chance to relax and treat yourself to something special. Scroll down to learn more about the selection of massages and treatments available at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in the Pitztal Valley. Highlights include manicures, sports massages and detox peelings. Get in touch to make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Sensual textures, an elegant flair and a legendary name in the world of professional cosmetics – this is SOTHYS. A synonym for the special!

Enjoy exceptional beauty treatments and pamper yourself at home with the highly effective pleasure care for face & body.

Wildkraut - strong & beautiful

Up there, where nature unfolds its full splendour, the most powerful wild-growing medicinal plants of the Alps are collected and then combined with certified, natural ingredients for traditional alpine healing treatments.

Wildkraut is the precious heritage of traditional knowledge: it tells of arnica, St. John's wort, yarrow, marigolds, dozens of other and many rare herbs, of farming families who lovingly harvest and use traditional methods to create valuable raw products for essences, beekeepers with the highest demands on naturalness and purity ... 

... of hundreds of hardworking hands and an uncompromising passion for the honest and the good - handmade with love!

Relaxation Packages

Feel good Package for HER

1 Relaxing massage, 25 min.
1 Superior Base Treatment, 55 min.

  • 80 minutes, Price: € 99,-

Feel good Package for HIM

1 "Zirben" massage, 50 min.
1 Facial Treatment "only for men", 50 min.

  • 100 minutes, Price: € 129,-

Four Seasons Package for HER

1 Vier Jahreszeiten cream wrap with peeling, 50 min.
1 "Zirben" massage, 50 min.
1 Facial Treatment gently mountain world, 45min.

  • 145 minutes, Price: € 179,-

Pitztal Vital Package

1 "Zirben" massage, 25 min.
1 Pitztal healthy moor wrap, 30 min.
1 Relaxing massage, 50 min.

  • 105 minutes, Price: € 135,-

Sports Package

1 sports massage, 50min.
1 zirben massage, 25min.
1 primerose oil pack, 30min.

  • 105 minutes, Price: € 132,-


Aroma Massage

Gentle massage with aromatic oils designed to soothe mind, body and soul. Calms the body's vegetative nervous system and strengthens the immune system.

  • 25 minutes, Price: € 37,-
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 65,-

Chi Balance Head & Neck Massage

Harmony and balance. This massage balances out the flow of chi in the head and neck area to soothe aching muscles and reduce tension. The chi balance method is recommended especially for those who suffer from tense muscles in the head and neck.

Included relaxing session on pillow filled with millet.

  • 25 minutes, Price: € 42,-

Classic Massage (Full-Body or Specific Areas)

This classic massage stimulates the skin and metabolism, supports the flow of blood and lymph, increases the suppleness of ligaments and tendons, and increases the volume of fluid in the joints.

  • Partial Massage, 25 minutes, Price: € 35,-
  • Full Massage, 50 minutes, Price: € 58,-
  • 3-Pin Partial Massage, 75 minutes, Price: € 99,-
  • 3-Pin Full Massage, 150 minutes, Price: € 165,-

Combi Massage

Combination of:

  • foot reflex zone massage
  • classic massage (specific area of the body)
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

This massage technique stimulates the flow of blood in the body as a whole and to specific areas of the body. This in turn improves the functioning of organs and tissue, helps the body to recover and reduces tension in the muscles. The massage has also been shown to help treat headaches, digestion problems, sleep disorders and stress-related illnesses.

  • 25 minutes, Price: € 35,-

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment and the soothing effect of hot stones. Warm stones dipped in oil glide over your body to release tension and pain while you lie on basalt rocks from Hawaii. The stones, heated to around 60°C, are then placed on energy centres on your skin (forehead, stomach, back, hands, feet); those who are particularly sensitive to heat can place a sheet between the skin and the stones. The massage itself is carried out with warm oil and a combination of hot and cool stones.

  • Full Body Massage, 50 minutes, Price: € 79,-
  • Neck and Back Massage, 25 minutes, Price: € 39,-

NEW - Highlight "Zirben" Massage

a properly dosed massage stimulates the skin function and metabolism with various massage accessories from "Zirbe" (special wood growing up in high mountain area)

  • 25 minutes, Price: € 42,-
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Relaxation Massage


Acute changes in the muscles and nerves as well as all areas of the body placed under muscular strain – especially as a result of SPORT – can benefit from this massage.

  • Legs or Back, 25 minutes, Price: € 37,-
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 65,-

Sport Massage – marmot oil and tonic

This sports massage has been designed to complement our classic massage. It uses similar techniques but focuses on the areas of the body which are placed under particular strain during sporting activities.

  • 25 minutes, Price: € 39,-
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Sports Massage – Arnica Lotion

This treatment harnesses the natural substances contained in arnica oil and the propolis of alpine bees. It has a cooling, regenerating effect and reduces swelling. The treatment is particularly good for sports enthusiasts as it helps to soothe and regenerate muscles after activity.

  • Legs or Back, 25 minutes, Price: € 39,-
  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Beauty Treatments

Alpine Anti-Aging Collagen Treatment

Specific active substances target the three main causes of skin aging: collagen, elastine and hyauronic acid. In doing so they reduce the visible signs of the skin's natural aging process.

  • 80 minutes, Price: € 105,-

Bergquell - Anti Age - Treatment

Intense moisturising treatment – an ungorgettable experience for your skin featuring triple hyaluronic acid effect. This treatment has been specially designed for dry skin and comprises six separate phases plus massage techniques and the latest generation of moisurising substances.

  • 80 minutes, Price: € 99,-

Gently Mountain World Treatment

Soothing and invorgorating treatment including cleansing of the skin, peeling, active substance ampoule, relaxing face massage, face mask and final treatment.

  • 45 minutes, Price: € 55,-


  • without nail polish, 40 minutes, Price: € 39,-
  • with nail polish, 50 minutes, Price: € 49,-

Only for men

This relax treatment is the optimal relaxation for the man of today. Deep cleansing with exfoliation - mask, eyebrow correction, care ampoule, relaxing face-neck massage, special mask and final care.

  • 50 minutes, Price: € 69,-


  • Leg to the knee, Price: € 32,-
  • Leg completely, Price: € 55,-
  • Bikini zone, Price: € 20,-
  • Armpits, Price: € 22,-
  • Upper lip and chin, Price: € 20,-
  • Upper lip, Price: € 10,-

Superior Base Treatment

This "classic facial treatment" provides deep cleansing for the skin. It comprises a skin diagnosis, deep cleansing, peeling, eyebrow sculpting, active substance ampoule, relaxing face massage, face mask and final treatment.

  • 55 minutes, Price: € 69,-

Body Wraps

Algae Peeling

This full-body peeling using algae has a cleansing and detoxifying effect, leaving the skin feeling softer and more supple.

  • 30 minutes, Price: € 30,-

Anti Age Pack

  • 45 minutes, Price: € 40,-

Champagne Wrap

NEW - relaxing pure with a glass of champagne and something sweet as your highlight!

  • 30 minutes, Price: € 49,-

Detox Body Wrap

This treatment begins with a full-body peeling designed to enhance the detoxifying effect of the body wrap. During the treatment a special tea is provided which also supports the detox process. The wrap itself uses minerals from the Dead Sea and soil with healing properties to remove harmful toxins from the body and tighten the body's tissue. It also stimulates the metabolisation of fat and thereby enables the body to lose excess weight quickly. However, this is not a quick weight-loss programme. Instead, it is designed to detoxify and cleanse the body in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Evening Primrose Oil Cream Wrap

One of our most successful and popular body wraps using evening primrose oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil and creames. This regenerative full-body wrap will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

  • 30 minutes, Price: € 30,-

Pitztaler Healthy Moor Wrap

  • 30 minutes, Price: € 35,-

Vier Jahreszeiten Cream Wrap

(Full-body brushing, cream wrap)

Ideal for dry skin. A special lotion is applied to the whole body, which is then wrapped in fleece towels. This is followed by a session on a heated waterbed at 37°C. The heat opens the pores in the skin and enables the lotion to be absorbed.

  • 50 minutes, Price: € 67,-

Treatments for Children

"Coco-Coco" Children's Massage

Gentle, relaxing full-body massage with COCONUT massage oil.

  • 20 minutes, Price: € 26,-

Barbie Manicure for kids

  • 40 minutes, Price: € 35,-
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