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Trailrunning in the Austrian Alps

Sport and nature in harmony

Trailrunning is more than just a sport. It is an opportunity to explore the landscape in harmony with nature. A chanceto visit the most beautiful spots in the region, taking time to stop, catch your breath and drink in the wonderful views. Leave your stopwatch at home for a change and simply enjoy being out in the mountains, surrounded by mighty peaks stretching over 3,000 metres into the sky. Runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy trailrunning. The terrain is diverse and the soft surface under foot places less strain on the joints than tarmac. Discover trailrunning in the Pitztal Valley – the best mix of nature, fun and exercise.

Running with experienced trail guides

Tip! Trailrunning workshp for beginners

As part of our Pitztal Programme we give guests the chance to try out the sport of trailrunning in a fun and relaxed setting. This trailrun workshop takes place every Tuesday from June until September and is run by an experienced guide who will show you not only the right technique but also the best places to run in the valley. All equipment needed for trailrunning can be found in our hotel sport and trailrunning shop.

"You are your own obstacle. Rise above yourself."
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Trailrun fun
From waking to hiking to trailrunning – step by step

Trailrunning is a great way to explore the mountains. There is nothing quite like the feeling of powering up a steep climb, skipping down a technical descent or simply finding that flow which makes this sport so special. We will be happy to share with you our insider tips on the best trails in the valley. Or why not join our hotel's experienced trailrunning guide on one of his adventures as part of the Pitztal Programme? Back at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten you can then relax tired muscles in the spa before tucking into a sumptuous five-course dinner.

Insider tips on the best trails

Our favourite trailrun spots in the valley

Ready to run? Here are our favourite trailrunning routes in the Pitztal Valley. Mountain high or valley low, you are sure to find the perfect trail for your needs.

This is a personal favourite of Othmar Walser, your host at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.
Uphill: 950 vertical metres
Highest point: 2,600 metres
Distance: 11 kilometres
Starting point: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

The favourite trailrunning route of head chef Robert Brugger.
Uphill: 1,000 vertical metres
Highest point: 2,200 metres
Distance: 11 kilometres
Starting point: Eggenstall

The favourite trailrun route of Benedikt Walser, our trailrun guide.
Uphill: 970 vertical metres
Highest point: 2,500 metres
Distance: 5 kilometres
Starting point: Mittelberg

Favourite trail of Jasmin Walser, one of your hosts at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.
Uphill: 600 vertical metres
Highest point: 2,250 metres
Distance: 11.3 kilometres
Starting point: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Over 6,000 vertical metres of climbing and up to 100 kilometres in length, the new Pitztal-Trail is the big daddy of them all. This route, which can be hiked or run, comprises four stages from Arzl to Mandarfen and is ideal for high-altitude training.

Right next to the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is the Pitztal-ParKUHr, a large warm-up area with lots of different terrain where you can train speed, coordination, strength and balance.

State-of-the-art gear

Sport and trailrun shop

Our sport and trailrun shop here at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten has everything you need for a great time in the mountains? It stocks many well-known trailrunning brands such as La Sportiva, Scott, Marmot and Julbo.

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