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New sauna area at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Sizzling sauna and majestic mountains

Walking, hiking, trailrunning, mountainbiking –the Pitztal Valley is one huge outdoor playground full of action and adventure. After a day out and about in the mountains, there is no better place to relax and recover than our new sauna area. Let the gentle heat soothe tired muscles and gaze out at the mountains around the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten as you watch the snowflakes settle on the ground or the stars twinkling in the night sky high above.

Panorama sauna
from June 2022

Rest and relaxation

Sit down, breathe in, relax your muscles and close your eyes. Wait, no. Keep those eyes open! After all, you don't want to miss out on the amazing panoramic views from the huge plate-glass window overlooking the Alps.

Essential oils, invigorating aromas and inspiring views make for an unforgettable sauna experience.

Vitamin bar

Natural doping

Sweating it out in the sauna is thirsty work. That is why we have our own vitamin bar within the sauna area for visitors to relax and top up their liquid levels ready to go back in and do it all again.

Settle down on one of the comfy sofas and enjoy a cool drink full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

A healthy break
with a vitamin kick

Chillout room

The luxury of peace and quiet
relax in the rest area
Get away from it all
Total peace and quiet

The best way to make the most of a sauna session is by alternating between stimulation and relaxation. After leaving the sauna cabin and showering, we recommend a lie down in our chillout room with its comfy beds and warm colours. Close your eyes and enjoy a few moments of total peace and quiet to cool off after the heat of the sauna.

Our chillout room has been decorated with lots of natural materials sourced from the local region such as pinewood and stone to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere showcasing the best of the Tirolean Alps.

Sauna garden

Fresh mountain air

Our sauna garden invites visitors to step straight out of the sizzling sauna into the fresh mountain air. Enjoy the view of the Pitztal Valley as the wind gently cools your skin and your eyes wander from peak to peak. Heaven!

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
"There is nothing better than a break to move us along our path."
Discover a new sauna experience
Sweat it out in the heart of the Alps.
Ready, steady, relax!
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