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    Fortune favours the brave

Rock climbing in the Pitztal Valley

Push body and mind to the limit

Rock climbing is a true test of physical and mental strength. A challenge that pushes body and mind to the limit. A battle against gravityin a quest to reach the top. In many senses, rock climbing reflects daily life – to get on you have to stay in motion, be willing to take risks and trust in yourself. Where better to perfect those skills than right here in the Pitztal Valley?

Indoor climbing in the Austrian Tyrol

Scale the heights all year round

Bad weather? No problem! Indoor climbing is a great way to stay fit and improve your technique even if it is wet and cold outside.

Stillebach Bouldering and Climbing Centre
Boasting 85 bouldering routes, this indoor climbing centre in the valley is a favourite of Benedikt Walser, who was also involved in setting up the project. The boulders are easy to challenging, the prices are very reasonable and climbing shoes can be hired on site.

Imst Climbing Centre
The climbing centre in the town of Imst is a great place to try rock climbing for the first time. Courses for beginners are available to book, where novices learn the basic technique for climbing both indoors and on real rock.

Climbing highlights in the Tyrol

One click away from paradise

The website Climbers Paradise offers a wealth of information on rock climbing in the Austrian Tyrol, including details of the many rock climbing and ice climbing areas to be found in the region. To narrow down your search simply enter the term "Pitztal".

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