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Ski holidays in the Pitztal Valley

Magic moments on the slopes

Hop out of the cable car and take a moment to enjoy the view. Let your gaze wander from one peak to the next, taking in the majesty of the Alps in all its glory. A final look, a deep breath of fresh air and then it's time to push off – the snow under your feet and the wind in your face. Skiing here in the Pitztal Valley has many faces: gentle and relaxing, or fast and wild. Whatever you prefer, don't forget to stop every now and then to savour the moment and make memories that will last forever.

Ski pistes in the Pitztal Valley

Alpine playground

Each year the Pitztal Valley welcomes numerous national and international ski teams drawn to the region by the excellent facilities and reliable snow cover. The valley is also popular with less accomplished skiers, who will find gentle slopes and patient teachers. The ski pistes on the glacier can be accessed quickly and easily via the Wildspitzbahn cable car. The valley is also home to one of the best snowparks in the region with lots of kickers, rails and boxes for freestyle skiers and snowboarders to dial in their tricks. Last but not least, the Rifflsee resort has some excellent off-piste terrain for advanced and expert snowsports enthusiasts.

Wolfgang Ambros, Austrian singer
"Skiing is the best thing you can imagine."

Pitztaler Gletscher
year-round attraction

Never-ending winter

The Pitztal Glacier is a glistening world of eternal snow and ice – and not only in winter. Such is the altitude of the glacier that the snow never melts, making it popular with extreme mountaineers and those who simply can't get enough of the white stuff. We recommend hiring an experienced guide if you are planning on climbing the valley's highest peaks.



Der Pitztaler Gletscher startet am 23. September in die Wintersaison, diese endet am 05. Mai 2024 (Betriebszeiten: 8:45 bis 16:00 Uhr). Die Bergbahnkassa ist täglich von 08:30 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr für Sie geöffnet. An den Wochenenden ist die Bergbahnkassa bis 17:30 Uhr geöffnet.

Die einzigartige Gletscherlandschaft bietet von September bis Mai eine Vielzahl von Wintersportmöglichkeiten für jede Könnerstufe. Die Hochsaison für das Skifahren liegt in den Monaten Dezember bis April. 

Im Pitztal gibt es drei Hauptskigebiete: den Pitztaler Gletscher, das bekannteste und höchstgelegene Skigebiet im Pitztal, das Skigebiet Rifflsee in der Nähe des Pitztaler Gletschers und das Skigebiet Hochzeiger bei Jerzens.

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