• guided hike in the Pitztal valley
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Get moving together

Welcome the rising sun with a little early-morning yoga. Stretch your muscles ready for the adventures ahead. Glide through the landscape on cross-country skis. There are so many ways to enjoy the Pitztal Valley. Hiking, biking and climbing in summer, skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing in winter – where to start? If you don't know, we recommend you sign up for our Pitztal Programme. This weekly activity programme run by experienced guides gives guests staying at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten the chance to try out lots of different outdoor sports under the watchful eye of expert coaches. After all, doing sport together is a great way to meet new people and motivate each other.

"Life is about movement."


  • Dynostic analysis 60 min. 
  • followed by a personal training session 60 min.
  • Purification pack 60 min.

The price also includes:

  • Folder from the Dynostic analysis
  • Discoverer diary and water bottle

 Offer: 192 €

outdoor pool wellness hotel Pitztal valley
Aqua fit

Aqua Fit is a great way to move your body without placing too much strain on the joints. Perfect for young and old alike.

sport hotel with coach Pitztal valley
Legs, bum & tum

Our coaches know all the right moves to get your legs, bum and tum tight and trim.

woman trail running Pitztal valley

Head off road and onto the trails! We will be happy to show you the best runnnig routes down in the valley and up in the mountains.

guided hike in the Pitztal valley
Guided hikes

Our experienced hiking guides look forward to showing you the best of the Pitztal Valley in summer.

pport hotel with fitness coach Pitztal valley
Functional training

This new exercise trend comprises complex movements involving several muscle groups and joints at the same time.

Morning workout

The best way to start the day is with a short but sharp session which gets your pulse racing and burns more calories than many longer workouts.

exercise equipment sport hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

High Intensity Interval Training - the name pretty much says it all. Short, sharp sessions with maximum fat burning in minimum time.

Indoor cycling 

If the weather is bad, simply hop on one of our exercise bikes for a high-intensity workout with motivational music.

meditation in the recreation vacation in Tyrol

Meditation is a great way to find inner peace and be at one with your thoughts. Close your eyes, relax and let your thoughts simply wander.

yoga room wellness hotel Pitztal valley
Yoga with sun greeting

Dynamic movements for the whole body combined with controlled breathing exercises.

yoga in the Alps

Being strong and flexible is useful not only when it comes to sport but also in everyday life, for example for a good posture and position while sitting.

exercise equipment hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Circuit training

A full-body workout with strength and fitness exercises aimed at the muscles and cardiovascular system.

Subject to changes

Relax and de-stress


Retreats are a chance to slow down the pace of life. After all, not everything has to be action, adrenaline and adventure. Instead, let our experienced coaches school you in stretching, breathing and meditation. After a few days you will find yourself physically and mentally refreshed – ready to take on whatever challenges await.

Inspiring and invigorating
Get moving and say goodbye to stress
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